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WorldTennisTracker is a free informational tennis statistical software that allows navigation through different tennis stats like matches, players, tournaments, etc.

Initial version of the software has limited functionality and limited selection of tournaments, but next more advanced and improved versions with more data and more presentation abilities are coming soon.

Our intention is to create most comprehensive, precise, complete and helpful tennis statistical software on the web. Therefore a lot of efforts are invested in checking of statistical data from different sources to resolve inconsistencies and in integrating different kinds of tournaments.

There are some screenshots to get a general idea about the software (click to enlarge in separate tab):

"All Tournaments" window:
"Main Draw" window with tooltip:
"Match" window:
World Socker Tracker informational football (soccer) statistics software

(click to enlarge in separate tab)

DbObfuscate - database data and structure (table/field names) obfuscating solution. Allows encryption of database data/structure and access to the data from your source code in a transparent way (using non-encrypted names/queries).

- encription of table/field names and data
- building of data/structure diffs between non-encripted server databases and encripted client database and generating SQL or XML script for execution on client to sinchronize data content/structure
- transparent way of use in source code (non-encripted names for accessing tables/columns)

WebSiteGenerator - HTML code generation for lightweight web site with menu and articles. Examples of generated sites are this site and WorldTennisTracker

Please check our further products in our GitHib account: GitHub: maxdz-gmbh

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