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mdz_Ui Overview and Reference

mdz_ui - C library implements platform-independent UI-framework using OpenGL. Source code of library is highly-portable, conforms to ANSI C 89/90 Standard. Builds for Win32/Win64, Linux, FreeBSD, Android, macOS are available.

Please refer to mdz_ui Wiki for API details.

mdz_ui Advantages

1. High portability: the whole code conforms to ANSI C 89/90 Standard. Thus it can be easily used for UI-development targeting Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, etc. mobile and embedded platforms.

2. Versatility: library allows rendering of graphics and texts using OpenGL 1.0 and OpenGL 2.0/OpenGL ES 2.0.

3. Little dependencies: basically, mdz_ui functions are only dependent on standard C-library memory-management/access functions and OpenGL as rendering library. It means you can use library in your code without any further dependencies except standard platform libraries/APIs.

4. Native integration: library only needs OpenGL context for layouting and allows you to integrate UI-elements in native event-loop of your targeted platform. Just add necessary handler to your custom control, if you need to process some platform event in some way.

5. Extensibility: all existing controls are independent from mdz_ui core engine. Also new "custom" controls may be added by library end-user, and they will be integrated in UI events-handling and layouting seamlessly.

6. Internationalization: texts in more than 500 languages can be rendered, due to our solutions mdz_string and mdz_font.

mdz_ui Features: (on May 25, 2021)

- Rendering using OpenGL 1.0 and OpenGL 2.0/OpenGL ES 2.0

- Controls Prototypes: Tab-Window, Text-Window for multiline texts with smooth text stcrolling

- Controls Prototypes: Window, Button, ListBox, ComboBox, FileListBox, FileDialog

- Text Rendering with support of ANSI/ASCII, UTF-8, UTF-16 (LE and BE), UTF-32 (LE and BE), wchar_t (2 and 4-bytes large) strings/texts in more than 500 languages

- Modal window/dialog support

- Mouse/finger-touch events handling

- Handling of window/context resize with 1) no scaling, or 2) proportional scaling of all controls

- Custom events-handling and callbacks for 3rd-party controls

- Seamless integration of 3rd-party controls in events-handling/layouting

This screenshot gives a general idea about the software:

Windows 10, OpenGL 2.0

mdz_ui, Windows 10, OpenGL 2.0

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