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The world is getting fast, the world is getting mobile. Where once desktop computers dominated - now rule laptops, tablets or even smart-phones. Pretty soon robots will become a norm and there will be processor in every teapot. Applications complexity steadily grows, while platforms are getting always further minimized and applications have to be 1) very portable, to support as many platforms as possible and 2) very lightweight, to work on those minimized platforms fast.

This is where our solutions shine! Key values of our code are quality, speed and portability. Our C libraries not only faster than most (or sometimes all) of available alternatives, they are lightweight and portable too. They cover your application needs from tiny embedded code which have to stay small, still being powerful and useful - to applications which have to handle gigabytes of data and do it speedy. Even very modest mobile devices with little resources will be enough for our code. And our solutions are green! :)

Please take a look at our Products Overview page for details on our products.

maxdz Software GmbH also provides individual software development/consulting services for different customers. Our main expertise is software architecture/design and implementation using C, C++ and C#. Please take a look at our Team and contact us at .

Company News


May 2022Company is getting software development project order (EV Charging) in Switzerland.
May 2021Company is getting software development project order (medical solutions) in Freiburg.
May 2021our new product mdz_ui is publicly announced. mdz_ui C library implements platform-independent UI-framework using OpenGL, for UI-development targeting Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, etc. mobile and embedded platforms.
April 2021Public release of mdzTextViewer 3.0, supporting texts in UTF-8, UTF-16, UTF-32 encodings and XML. Viewing of very large text/XML files (>4.5 GB) is possible and works very fast. OpenGL supports texts rendering in over than 500 languages, even on very old Windows versions (from Windows 2000).
April 2021Public release of mdz_xml - very lightweight, versatile and speedy portable C library for parsing XML-documents and building DOM-structure. The parser is ca. 50% faster and needs ca. 40% less memory than "pugiXml" (which is considered as one of the fastest parsers overall).
March 2021Public release of mdzTextViewer 2.0 with OpenGL support for rendering texts in over than 500 languages, even on very old Windows versions (from Windows 2000).
March 2021Public release of mdzPdfMerge - free Windows desktop application to merge (concatenate/join) multiple PDF files.
February 2021We are chosen as a winner of the 2020 EU Business Awards in the category 'Best Freelance Software Developer (Baden-Wuerttemberg)'.
February 2021Public release of mdz_unicode - very lightweight and versatile portable C library for handling Unicode strings.
January 2021Public release of mdz_ansi - very lightweight, versatile, speedy and portable C library for handling 1-byte (ASCII/ANSI) strings.
September 2020Diana Pukhlitska has joined our team in Germany as a software developer.
March 2020Public release of mdzTextViewer 1.0 - very fast and lightweight text-viewer, which supports many different text-encodings using our C libraries.
January 2020First public release of our product: mdz_containers - lightweight, versatile, speedy and highly-portable C containers library.
November 2019Different products like mdzDataGrid, mdzDbObfuscate, mdzWebSiteGenerator has been created during 'in-house' development in 2018-2019 along with client projects.
April 2018Oleksiy Dzyubenko has joined company in Germany as a 'Blue Card' software developer.
October 2017Company is getting large software development project order (industry) near Freiburg.
August 2017Company is registered in HRB Fuerth.
April 2017maxdz Software GmbH is founded by software developer Maksym Dzyubenko
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