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mdz_ansi - very lightweight, versatile and speedy C library for handling 1-byte (ASCII/ANSI) strings. Source code of library is highly-portable, conforms to ANSI C 89/90 Standard.

Builds for Win32/Win64, Linux, FreeBSD, Android, macOS are available.

Please refer to mdz_ansi Wiki for API detais.

mdz_ansi Advantages

1. Very high portability: the whole code conforms to ANSI C 89/90 Standard. Multithreading/asynchronous part is POSIX compatible (under UNIX/Linux).

2. Very little dependencies: basically mdz_ansi functions are only dependend on standard C-library memory-management/access functions. Multithreading part is dependend on POSIX pthreads API (under UNIX/Linux) and old process control/synchronization API (from Windows 2000). It means you can use library in your code withouth any further dependencies except standard plattform libraries/APIs.

3. Very fast: comparison tables are coming soon...

4. Flexibilty: nearly all functions contain not only "left position" but also "right position" parameters to limit processed area from right. "ANSI" ansi contains more functions than according STL, boost or glib analogs have.

5. Extended error-checking: all functions preserve internal error-code pointing the problem. It is possible to use strict error-checking (when all preserved error-codes should be MDZ_ERROR_NONE) or "relaxed"-checking - when only returned mdz_false will indicate error.

6. Extended control: library functions do only explicit operations. It means for example, when "insert" function is called - it will return error if there is not enough capacity in string. No implicit reservations will be made.

7. Attached usage: string should not necessarily use dynamically-allocated memory - which may be not available on your embedded system (or if malloc()/free() are forbidden to use in you safety-critical software). Just attach string/data to your statically-allocated memory and use all string functionality.

8. Asynchronous execution: almost all functions can be executed asynchronously.

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