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mdz_containers - very lightweight, versatile and speedy C containers library. Source code of library is portable, conforms to ANSI C 89/90 Standard.

At the moment (February 2020), the library covers handling of vector, ASCII string, UTF-8 string, "wide character" string.
Builds for Win32/Win64, Linux, FreeBSD are available.

Please refer to mdz_containers Wiki for detais.

mdzTextViewer - is a Windows application for demonstration of mdz_containers library capabilities.

The viewer supports ASCII, UTF-8 (with BOM), UTF-16 (little and big-endian with BOM) text files.
Supports Unicode "surrogate" characters and Unicode "combining" characters.
Easily handles large files (like hundred megabytes size and bigger).

Some more info about motivation for the viewer writing may be found here: UTF16 and mdzTextEditor

Supported OS versions:32-bit: from Windows 2000
64-bit: from Windows XP
Download 32-bit:mdzTVSetup32.exe
Download 64-bit:mdzTVSetup64.exe

Also 64-bit version for Windows 10 "S mode" may be installed from Microsoft Store:

DbObfuscate - database data and structure (table/field names) obfuscating solution. Allows encryption of database data/structure and access to the data from your source code in a transparent way (using non-encrypted names/queries).

- encription of table/field names and data
- building of data/structure diffs between non-encripted server databases and encripted client database and generating SQL or XML script for execution on client to sinchronize data content/structure
- transparent way of use in source code (non-encripted names for accessing tables/columns)

WebSiteGenerator - HTML code generation for lightweight web site with menu and articles. Examples of generated sites are this site and WorldTennisTracker

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